Kyle lives down in Chile with her husband S. and the dog, Papito, which they rescued from the streets. She has a couple blogs of her own and gets paid for articles on several others; she’s also a professional photographer who sells her prints through an American company and recently had some of her work hung by the American Embassy down in Santiago. She writes about Chile with a clear eye but never seems to be overrun with cynicism, despite it being warranted. This is why I have her site link in the blogroll.

Her husband works in construction and she’s just posted about his co-worker who has been struggling to support himself and his family while hoping to someday catch a lucky break and be able to afford admission to a prominent technical college. The breaks have all been unlucky and so Kyle and her husband have decided to sponsor his education, being in the unique position to help someone whom they know, who they know is hardworking and who they feel deserves the opportunity to find a better life through education. To help offset the cost she’s flogging photos she has taken living in Chile.

I don’t expect anyone I know to really start shopping for whatever reason and I know the city-raised among us cringe at the idea of doing something even remotely like what Kyle and S. are doing since we can’t even five someone living in a trashcan a quarter without feeling like we’ve been had. Still I wanted to share because I’m really impressed that someone has taken their various resources (financial stability, web presence, photography skill) and united them to help someone else. Even if they end up footing the entire college bill themselves without any proceeds from pictures being sold the idea’s great and will hopefully lodge in people’s heads to gestate. One day maybe they’ll find themselves in a similar position to help, think back on this, and make things happen.