Where does the time go? Elections fall next Tuesday and there’s so much going on for this year’s state and local ballot so I’m just gonna do a quick and dirty rundown on the rest of the California props.

Proposition 1(A) High Speed Rail Bonds
Yes, bonds are expensive to pay off but according to the LA Times additional funds will need to be derived from Federal or other sources before the bulk of the bonds would be sold which means that the gamble is far less than the entire $10 billion amount. America lags behind the rest of the industrialized world when it comes to mass transit and if we ever want people to stop clogging the roadways we need to offer them an alternative.

Proposition 2 Standards for Confining Farm Animals
The opposition raises fears of Avian Flu citing various veterinarians from groups that sound suspiciously like industry shills. The basic premise is that we treat livestock (legally property to avoid any nasty lawsuits about inhumane captivity and slaughter) like shit and it says a lot about a society when they have a billions dollar industry based on cruelty and exploitation. The bigger picture of raising meat aside penning animals up and keeping them captive for the duration of their lives is wrong. Now we can get back to worrying about e.coli and other food-born illnesses.

Proposition 3 Children’s Hospital Bond Act
Again, no one’s thrilled about the prospect of selling bonds, particularly as the previous hospital bond hasn’t been used up yet. However this is a vital part of our state’s infrastructure and I don’t think bake sales are going to pay for what’s needed. The population is growing, insurance is too expensive, people need hospitals to go to.

Proposition 11 Redistricting Initiative and Constitutional Amendment
Creates a commission to supervise redistricting for the future. That can be read as “special commission” if that makes the problem more obvious to you.

Proposition 12 Veterans’ Bond Act
Buys veterans homes. They get screwed on a national level, they get screwed by their military superiors. I don’t support what our military is up to but I’m not going to take it out on the soldiers. It’s beyond difficult to come back from war and pick up the pieces of your life and at its most ruthlessly calculating this proposition helps keep veterans from winding up in various social welfare programs down the line.

If you’re wondering why I’ve skipped comment on Propositions 4, 6, 8, 9 or Propositions 7 and 10 or Proposition 5 than you haven’t cared enough to read them earlier. The full text of all the initiatives can be browsed online for your convenience.