It’s a rare occasion when I get truly excited about a movie release so obviously one that’s just out in Japan with no scheduled dates Stateside is what gets me hot under the collar. Breathless I await the arrival of Love Exposure, directed by Sion Sono who brought the world Suicide Club in addition to other left-field wonders. Hot teen talent? Takahiro Nishijima and Hikari Mitsushima; okay, they’re in their twenties but they’re Japanese so they look young.

From what I have gathered thanks to the good people at Twitch, as well as repeated viewings of the trailer, the story follows a young man who is raised by a single father in an oppressively religious household. Screwed up by this indoctrination and lashing out the young man dedicates his life to becoming the master of upskirt photography, chasing school girls with an amazing array of covert technique and acrobatics. When he snaps the snatch of the wrong girl and gets his ass served on the street love blossoms, but the object of desire belongs to a religious sect which makes the Pentecostals look reasonable.

It’s based on a manga but regardless of the source material I’m just amazed at the concept. As Sono is internationally known there’s good odds Spring film festivals will pick this up but at almost four hours length I’m not sure this will see general release. We’ll see, but I can’t wait.

Twitch has a better quality trailer; WordPress still won’t let you embed Flash. I understand that “snap the snatch” is particularly grotesque and a little inaccurate but how can you resist that rhythm?