In the first of a remarkable series of video interviews, Britain’s leading green commentator, George Monbiot, charges the UN’s leading climate change official with lacking ambition for a global emissions deal, and takes him to task over expensive carbon offset schemes and his support for the US president, George Bush. In the coming weeks, Monbiot takes on the bosses of Shell and the International Energy Agency and more. (Note: This film includes stock footage from Greenpeace)

George Monbiot meets ... Yvo de Boer

George Monbiot is an English columnist for the Manchester Guardian who specializes in environmental affairs. Reading his various works have always been an excellent way to feel overwhelmed, impotent and doomed but also strangely inspired. I’ve yet to figure out any way that I can stop the continued degradation of the planet, particularly when it comes to carbon emissions and melting icecaps, but I think it’s of the utmost importance to have some understanding on the issues– in fact I think it’s a responsibility for everyone.