12 STIs of Christmas

Tis the season of sharing, and Kellybelle shares this yuletide missive from a born-again friend. A quirky little bit of animation intended to scare the living crap out of you and yours in case you were keen on some fireside snuggling. Interestingly this is actually produced in part by Britain’s Nation Health Service and their hip sex-ed site Condom Essential Wear. The closest we’ve come in America to this level of governmental involvement was their series of how drug use was linked to a wide variety of crime which was shot in such modern style and made to look so much like a movie that drug use by teens skyrocketed and they had to pull the ads.

Don’t think I haven’t noticed no one’s bothering to watch the Monbiot videos. I’m going to assume you’re all too stupid to figure out to click the picture to go to the site with the video and not too apathetic to care about anything. Click on through, people, and sing with someone you love.