The Big Sell Out

Okay, not officially a sell out because I work for free, but as of today I am now a quasi-official writer for Wired’s Raw File, the photography department’s new blog. Yes, blog. But that’s fine because it’s affiliated with a major print and online magazine which I hope translates into actual journalistic credit down the road. Because I fully intend on selling out to whatever degree possible in the world of journalism 2.0 or whatever the fuck it’s called.

My first posting was about some recent challenges photographers have been facing in the UK. Police have been citing recent changes or additions to anti-terrorism legislation to harass both press and amateur snappers, completely against the spirit of the law and democracy. Journalists have also been complaining of having their attempts to cover the rash of protests throughout England either foiled by police blockades or dangerous because of police batons; some press photographers have been hospitalized while working in London.

And important topic and I’m glad I was able to pull something of this magnitude for my first offering. Thanks to my friend and editor Keith who landed me the opportunity, then hacked and sawed and stitched my drivel into a publishable news piece. I would encourage you all to take a gander to make me look good in front of the editorial team I’ve never met, but don’t feel obliged to comment because that would just be embarrassing.

An also, if you catch wind of any story remotely involving photography please feel free to hip me. I’m not a photographer, don’t follow photographers, and have very little understanding of what it entails. This makes me a poor choice for The Raw File but hopefully I’ll be able to continue pitching ideas that pass