Shit, I’ve been busy. I’ll explain, but first part of my excuse is:

Brett Beyer

Got assigned to profile a New York photographer who mashes up prints and exposures. Didn’t really know how to deal with the obtuse, approach but I tried to represent the guy as fairly as possible– my editor really likes to trim quotes down. I’ve never seen anyone get savaged by Wired readers like this guy and I do feel bad for him.

Michael Jang

My good friend Pete suggested, then insisted I interview a San Francisco shooter named Michael Jang. I hadn’t interviewed anyone since I was fourteen or fifteen and oblivious to most forms of discomfort so it was particularly scary, not to mention I had a black eye and was missing part of a tooth at the time. Jang didn’t seem to mind and was a gracious subject and host, talking for over an hour about everything under the sun. Putting everything into a cohesive narrative was a challenge and paring it down to internet-ready chunks of reading was painful but eventually we managed to come up with the article. Then Jang freaked out about how he was being represented and a lot of back and forth took place over the e-mail until radio silence settled in.

I interviewed him at the end of May or maybe the first week of June. Eventually he made a couple simple clarifications and held his breath hoping the world wouldn’t hate him or savage him like Brett Beyer. The world didn’t and I think everyone’s happy with the outcome.


After another round of budget cuts and layoffs at Wired the culture editor was looking for people willing to write for bylines. Okay, originally it was introduced as really cheap and then when I actually was contacted by the editor we were down to bylines. Anyways, I started trying to figure out what constitutes Wired culture and my first attempt resulted in an examination of the commodification of nostalgia, ignoring the fact that nostalgia often was a commodity to begin with.


Still struggling to understand Wired culture and a blurb on the SLPC blog mentions this fear-mongering game. Checked it out and e-mailed the makers who were delusional, paranoid and didn’t believe I was actually writing anything for Wired. I almost didn’t get to prove them wrong because the Underwire editor was sick and overrun for two weeks while the article languished in draft-land. I’m afraid it got published a little late to have really reaped the rewards of controversy but it’s nice to finally see it up.