People who don’t speak English love to use the term Schadenfreude, which has been explained to me as deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others. It is not my intention to extract great joy from the misery of others but I expect this is the best you can get out of reading this.

I do admit that life can be a joyous occasion, brimming with hope and excitement and love. Once in a while. For the most part it’s a flaming pile of shit you identify only after you’ve stamped it out on your doorstep. Sometimes these assaults come direct and intimate and I react by ranting and raving. Sometimes they come as part of some vast conspiracy enveloping the world and I react by attempting to understand, searching for some way to twist the attack back in on itself. Sometimes I wallow in the corners of popular culture and pretend my opinion matters. This is nothing more than cheap therapy and the best you can hope for is to either find some solace in my bitching or to derive great pleasure from my misery.

Updates will be sporadic. I recommend (not just for this but for all your online reading needs) getting an online aggregator account. I use Bloglines which will set you up with a browser button to subscribe to feeds. You have no one to blame but yourself if you’re left behind.

Sorry everything is ugly. They won’t let me make any changes unless I pay them. I might pay them if it seemed worth it but we’ll just have to see who cares.