President Obama has signed the economic stimulus package into effect, with the catchy little name American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The deal was done in Denver, to distance himself and his new spending plan from the corridors of power in Washington where things have been corrupt for too long. Another promised measure of change which Obama rode into the White House on was one of transparency, and so the government has launched as a means for Apple Pie Americans such as you can see exactly how the billions of dollars are divided and spent. There’s no real information available yet as the money hasn’t begun to flow, but there is a video introducing the website to the American People:

As I mentioned previously in regards to The Vatican’s approach to courting a technologically advanced society, I’m pretty puzzled about the use of Youtube on a government website. It can be argued, and probably will be, that shared video sites are of the people, for the people and by the people but all it indicates to me is that the people in charge of trillions of dollars, the most sophisticated technology in the world and the mightiest army have such low standards they’ve okay with the shit resolution available on Youtube. But wait, it can also be viewed in higher resolution on Vimeo! I’m sure that world leaders across the globe can respect that option.

Okay, so it’s nitpicking and an easy way to observe the numbers as they trickle out and trickle in is a nice gesture. Hopefully by the time the data begins to accumulate I’ll still have a job and won’t be checking my e-mail at the library in between unemployment lines and soup kitchens.

Big thanks to Senatus who provide a daily news ticker of Capitol Hill events. It’s a useful aggregator, providing portions of news articles and links as they come off the wire as well as some light, non-snarky commentary. Which is why I’m also adding them to my links.