Shit, I’ve been busy. I’ll explain, but first part of my excuse is:

Brett Beyer

Got assigned to profile a New York photographer who mashes up prints and exposures. Didn’t really know how to deal with the obtuse, approach but I tried to represent the guy as fairly as possible– my editor really likes to trim quotes down. I’ve never seen anyone get savaged by Wired readers like this guy and I do feel bad for him. (more…)



It’s real, and you can play it as I have.

Old news but thanks to Tokyo Mango for pointing it out. I’ve been trying to think of an excuse to share for weeks. I suppose it would be more meaningful had McCain taken the election.

Fuck it, let’s double-down on lazy. This was a promotional clip for some MTV production called Human Giant. Obviously it never aired but Will Arnett really rises to the occassion.

Well, shit. WordPress can’t handle the glory so you’ll have to hit the link. Sorry I’m a cheapskate.