Vingt - Dorian Wood

A preview I wrote for LA based holy water drunk, Brothers Grimm acolyte, backstreet cabaret rocker Dorian Wood. Never heard of him before either but then I checked out his music and would encourage you to do the same. Unfortunately I think I’m gonna miss his show here.

Vingt - Behind Jim Jarmusch

Sat down at a cafe with Lea Rinaldi whose dreamy documentary Behind Jim Jarmusch is playing this week. She shot it during filming of The Limits of Control and manages to capture a unique look at Jarmusch and crew. It’s supposed to be included as a special feature on the American DVD release, and I’m still confused about other screenings but she won’t write me back. Okay, so when we met she was wiping tears and explained her grandmother was dying, so I’ll cut her some slack. She was very nice and three hours yapping didn’t feel like three hours at all. But yeah, boyfriend, go figure…

Vingt - Carnavalet

French Revolution exhibition at the historical Carnavalet museum. Would have been a lot better if I was an academic specializing in history, or at least had read about in in any depth. And maybe if I understood a little French. While I may have been too ignorant to appreciate the actual exhibition I certainly enjoyed the experience of attempting to convince museum staff that I was actually press and there was a pass waiting for me.